COVID -19 Outdoor Gym Equipment and Children's Play Area

The Outdoor Gym Equipment, Car Park, MUGA and Children's Play Areas in Burringham park are currently closed. The risk of transmission on shared play equipment is thought to represent too great a risk to the public as we seek to slow the transmission of COVID-19. The grassed park area will remain open at this time.

If you are visiting the park please practice social distancing. This is vital if we are to slow or halt the person-to-person transmission of COVID-19.

If social distancing rules are not followed in the park then we may have to review this position and it could then be closed to the public. We strongly urge people to avoid any large gatherings, and observe social distancing, so that the park can remain open.







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Burringham is a village in North Lincolnshire just outside Scunthorpe. It nestles on the East Bank of the River Trent.

There are approximately 300 properties in the village, two new estates and some original old properties.

The Old Hall is still inhabited and is situated on the High Street. It also boasts an Anglian church designed by Samuel Sanders Teulon dedicated to St John the Baptist in 1856.

The Village Primary school is in Gunness. Its public house the Take a Gander is on the High Street.

During excavation work in 1843 a bronze shield was unearthed, the shield would have been beaten out from a solid block bronze. It is now on display In the British Museum in London.